Midnight Blue Smokey Eye

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3 years in a flash party!

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Hi everyone!

Starting my blog back up — www.stephanielange.com is my brand new online design portfolio and services website! My blog is now located at www.stephanielange.com/blog

Can’t believe it has been 3 years! Here are some highlights:


It’s been magical…


Saw Betty White revel her wax figure at Madame Tussauds!


Driving on Sunset Blvd at sunset


Got a close up on Fox’s “Mobbed” — in this story, a guy got to finally meet his father after 37 years.


Started assisting with an artist representation company!


Did a photoshoot for a redhead themed picture book.


Helped with the ‘Eye for Sound’ Exhibit with Serj Tankian


Discovered loquats


Became a part of Moby’s ‘Innocents’ cult ;)


Let’s just take a minute to appreciate this skeleton flamingo


Rocked my Tiffany (doll version) costume at Pinup Girl Boutique


Spent Christmas at the beach, sunny and 81!


Even the 100 dollar bill had a makeover!


Made my first “real tacos”


Learned “If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.”


Took many hikes around Griffith Observatory


Discovered a new love — Korean spas


Discovered new flowers


Hung out with a good friend at the Blackbeard Festival in VA


Enjoyed my mother’s green thumb


Picked raspberries in my dad’s, still amazing, garden.


Drove to Tennessee for a family vacay!


Getting my sundaze on in Tennessee


Went to Dollywood with my family


Had some gazebo time in Tennessee


Stumbled across the Titanic


Went fishing with my dad at one of our old spots


Channeled my inner rocky


Appeared on a talk show.


Backstage after the talk show


Got to hang with an old friend in town!


Met Pimp Santa Claus


Found my heart shaped sunglasses


And this model duck…


Wandered around Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor


Sorry Roger, the mouse is in town ;)


Poison Ivy and Jessica Rabbit decided they were sisters


Stumbled across Dolly Parton’s favorite Indian dish at a local restaurant — delicious!


DJ Snoopadelic a.k.a Snoop Dogg


Got to see Aino lay down the beats!


Can never have too many Chesney hugs


Just showing off my new dress and jacket my parents sent me for Christmas.


Finding the perfect table for a small dining area


Christmas office party!


Christmas parties and new friends!


Christmas in Pasadena, 2014


Tan selfie


Teamed up with these wonderful ladies


Worked around these beautiful photographs of celebrity pin-ups


Curious in wonderland.

St. Patrick’s Day, 2015

Homemade Shepherd’s Pie with Lamb and Homemade Irish Soda Bread.

Stay tuned for many new entries :)

Follow Your Arrow - Kacey Musgraves

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Follow Your Arrow — Kacey Musgraves

If You Ever Come Back

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While surfing Youtube on a search for music videos, a concert version of The Script’s “If You Ever Come Back” caught my eye. During this video, I noticed a tall blonde guy in the crowd and it hit me — that was my friend Ralph and this entire video was made up of footage they gathered from the concert in Virginia we attended back in November. [REVIEW HERE]

Pretty cool to stumble across this video and relive that show:

I was just drawn that way

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My dear friend, Adam, sent in a wonderful drawing of me as Jessica Rabbit:

[click image for bigger view]

This is the first time anyone has ever drawn a picture of me and he did a fabulous job.

Thanks again, Adam! :)

It\'s not mah birthday fools!

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Yesterday was April 1st and you know what that means — every fool for themselves!

I pulled a prank on the Facebook community by switching my birthday to April 1st and notifications began to blow up my phone. Besides being fully amused throughout the entire day, it was also somewhat alarming. Folks I’ve known for years and even ones who attended my birthday party, just a few months ago, fell for the gag.

Personally, I’m horrible at keeping up with birthdays and always saw Facebook as a great way to be reminded. Though, after pulling this prank, it really opened my eyes on how much technology has taken over our lives; especially with my generation. Everyone seems to constantly be hiding behind their computers and cell phones — conversation, human interaction… where have you gone? Sometimes, I wish we lived in a world where the words “e-mail” and “internet” didn’t exist. Considering I do web-design, that’s kind of ironic, huh?

I’m really a social person in general. I love meeting and talking to people, but a few years ago, developed a fear of phones — I couldn’t stand talking over the phone. It’s hard to talk to someone you can’t see, because so much of our ability to “read” another person is based on sight. I overcame this issue by working the front desk at a hotel. Now I don’t mind chatting over the phone because you can have more meaningful conversations when speaking over the phone vs. trading abbreviated text messages.

To me, texting is annoying but unfortunately am forced to use this method quite often since it seems to be the more popular choice out of the two. I’ll only text if it’s too noise to hear, little things here and there, but when it comes to actually holding conversations via text, I tend to get sidetracked and fall behind. The thing that gets me is when the other person gets upset that I’m not responding quickly enough. Really? Just do things the “old fashioned” way and give me a call if you want to chat.

Nothing beats a good ol’ hangout session, but when it comes down to the telephone, which do you prefer — calling or texting and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Did you know studies have shown people check their text messages before voice mails and half the time, won’t even check those? Wait, you do remember what a voice mail is, right?

SMH. K, done venting. Ttyl!

P.s: My birthday is actually on August 31st 😉

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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Super excited about my newest assignment. What unforeseen job will I be adding to my resume? Well, here’s a clue:

Yes, the picture above is Dodgers Stadium and that’s where I’ll be roaming during some of the games this season. Not really cut out for the baseball team, so what will I be doing? Since cameras are pretty nifty and there’ll be tons of kodak moments, I will be photographing all of you crazy sport fanatics out there. If you happen to hit up a game, come say hello and have your picture taken — bring me some peanuts and cracker jacks while you’re at it! 😉

Happy St. Paddy\'s Day!

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Guess if you walk around with balloons, people automatically assume it’s your birthday. Technically, birthdays are your own little celebrations and St. Paddy’s is to celebrate part of my heritage, so I’ll go with it. I saw the most darling couple — first spotted the two at Griffith Park Observatory taking wedding pictures. The young lady wore a dazzling white dress while, her lad in hand, rocked a green plaid shirt with a flat cap. I could barely handle how adorable it was and as our paths crossed five more times that day throughout Hollywood, couldn’t help but grin ear to ear. It simply made my day. I went off to a couple local pubs and toasted the night away, all while feasting on cabbage, potatoes & corned beef…

May the luck of the Irish always be with ya!

SweetHarts - Play Dates Event

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Check out my coverage from the Sweet Harts Play Dates Launch Party — watch as Rachel G. Fox’s mouth magically changes color, Melissa Joan Hart speaks out about her favorite play date activity, learn about The Art of Elysium and much more:


Charlie Sheen - Winning

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Check out this Charlie Sheen auto-tune song; brought to you by Schmoyoho:


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